Improving Honey Bee Health

Apis Engineering started as a collaboration between Krispn Given and Dale McMahan. Together they realized that a growing need in the beekeeping industry was for the development of high quality queen insemination and beekeeping devices.

With Krispn’s expertise in bee genetics and Dale’s expertise in engineering, a truly unique company was formed. The first company offering, the Queen Station Instrumental Insemination Device, is a success with rapid sales growth and many satisfied queen inseminators owning the device.

The company then developed the CO2 Station, a stand-alone CO2 delivery and measuring system designed to make CO2 sedation portable, safe and convenient.

Next came the development of the MicroStation Instrumental Inseminator. The MicroStation is intended for the entry-level inseminator who wants to learn insemination at a modest cost, or simply to inseminate queens on a micro level.

The company has plans for several new devices and is currently in product development on them now.

Dale McMahan owns and operates the machine shop where Apis Engineering products are developed and manufactured. Dale is a bee breeder and Master Beekeeper.

Krispn Given is Apiculture Specialist and bee breeder at Purdue University’s Department of Entomology in West Lafayette, Indiana.