About Krispn Given

Krispn Given  Apiculture Specialist at Purdue University’s Department of Entomology in West Lafayette Indiana. Mr. Given started breeding bees over 25 years ago. His responsibilities include, maintaining the 120 research colonies, running the Purdue honey bee breeding program, teaching an annual queen rearing short course, managing the honey bee laboratory and extension activities. Krispn also teaches the instrumental insemination class each year at the university, annually gives lectures to beekeeper’s and researchers at national and internationl conferences and beekeepers meetings. His current research is focused on selecting for behavioral resistance to varroa destructorby selecting bees with behavioreal traits, grooming, mite-biting. Krispn was instrumental in developing the new “mite-biter” bee strain, where they have demonstrated high-selected bees that chew 50% of the mites that are groomed off their body’s, the primary mechanism of defense is the ability to groom themselves free of varroa mites and bite them (collaboration with Dr. Greg Hunt). Given plans to breed bees that tolerate viruses in the future as well. Krispn has also been involved in several research projects the last fifteen years at Purdue, he is an author and co-author of numerous publications, including scientific and trade journal articles.  Krispn has received numerous honors and awards.