About Krispn Given

Krispn Given is Apiculture Specialist and bee breeder at Purdue University’s Department of Entomology in West Lafayette, Indiana. Krispn has engaged in honey bee breeding for over twenty years. His responsibilities include maintaining 120 research colonies, running the Purdue honey bee breeding program, teaching an annual queen rearing short course, and managing the honey bee laboratory and extension activities.

Krispn also teaches an instrumental insemination class each year at the university. He annually gives lectures to beekeeper’s and researchers at national and international conferences and meetings.

His current research focus is selecting for behavioral resistance to Varroa destructor by selecting bees that chew mites and have grooming behaviors, as well as virus tolerance. Krispn was instrumental in developing the new “mite-biter” bee strain that is generating much interest around the U.S. and abroad from beekeepers, breeders and researchers of honey bees. Krispn is author and co-author of numerous publications, including scientific and trade journal articles.

Mr. Given has received numerous awards and honors. He helped design the innovative instrumental insemination device and equipment along with Dale McMahan for breeders and researchers around the world.