Queen Station

Apis Engineering’s Queen Station instrumental insemination device is the finest instrument available worldwide. It was engineered with input from universities, queen breeders, and engineering professionals and is designed with ease of use.

The innovations included with the Queen Station include an onboard CO2 delivery system, microprocessor-controlled lights, a stereo zoom microscope with a camera, and made in the USA quality. The onboard CO2 delivery system eliminates the need for a large and dangerous industrial CO2 cylinder and it includes an integrated bubble counter so that an exact volume of CO2 is delivered every time.

The advanced lighting system eliminates the need for a separate and costly light source.

An optional hard case with precision-cut foam liners protects the Queen Station during shipment for those who travel with their instrument. Developed using aerospace-grade materials, your Queen Station will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

The full Queen Station setup, including microscope and carrying case.

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