Honey Bee Genetics

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Most requested topics:

  • Honey Bee Genetics
  • Contemporary Honey Bee Breeding
  • Instrumental Insemination Use and Setup
  • Successful Queen Rearing Methods Explained
  • Queen and Drone Reproductive Biology
  • Selecting for Behavioral Resistance to Varroa Destructor
  • Varroa Destructor Biology and Control
  • Oxalic Acid an Alternative Treatment Method
  • The Current State of Neonicotinoids and Honey Bee Mortality in the Midwest
  • The Honey Bee Dance Language
  • The Complex Life of The Honey Bee (with book)
  • Honey Bee Biology

2020 Teaching/Speaking Events You Can See Krispn At:

  • January 6-9  American Beekeeping Federation, Schaumburg IL
  • July 6-8  Heartland Apiculture Society, University of Southern IN, Evansville IN