Instrumental Insemination and Grafting Accessories

High Capacity Syringe

Apis Engineering High Capacity Syringe
High Capacity Syringe

This High Capacity Syringe is a must-have for the serious queen breeder. This instrument allows the user to store 100 ul capillary tubes of semen which means less downtime between queens, long-term semen storage, and higher semen homogenization. A medical-grade threaded barrel syringe with a Teflon plunger makes sterilization easy.

Grafting Station

This grafting station is the finest instrument available anywhere. Precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and hard anodized it is designed to last a lifetime and then be passed on. It will accommodate both deep and medium frames without adjustment or changing parts.

Apis Engineering Grafting Station
Grafting Station

Ball cut grooves on the frame rails hold grafting tools, and a rectangular pocket holds the cell bar you are working with. The angle is infinitely adjustable within its range and once locked in place it will not creep. Folds completely flat for transport and storage.

Mobile Grafting Station

Mobile Grafting Station

This is our mobile grafting station and it is designed to make your grafting portable. Just attach to the steering wheel of your vehicle and tilt the steering wheel to the angle you prefer and graft larvae right in your out-yard. Nothing could be easier.

Insemination Tips and Capillary Tubes

Instrumental Insemination Syringe tips
Instrumental Insemination Syringe tips

We offer two grades of insemination tips. Standard square cut tips and pro-series angle cut tips. Made from borosilicate glass and hand cut and polished. 100 ul semen storage capillaries make semen collection, storage, transport, and use a breeze.

Sting Forceps and Ventral Hooks

Stainless steel sting forceps are CNC-shaped and then hand polished for a perfect feel. Can be completely disassembled for sterilization. Ventral hooks are also stainless steel with a replaceable Leuer lock hook.

Light Station

Light Station
Apis Engineering Light Station

Designed with the same microprocessor-controlled lights that our Queen Station uses, this instrument is designed for years of trouble-free service. It is a perfect companion to our MicroStation or it can be used with other manufacturers’ devices.

What comes in our Accessories Kit?

  • Accessories Storage/Secondary Anesthetization Box
  • Glass insemination tip (5 ea.)
  • (3”) Tygon Connection Hose
  • PVC Secondary Hose (one 18” x 1/8” id and one 12” x 1/8” id)
  • (1) 1/4” x 1/8” reducing coupling
  • (1) 3 ml blunt Tip Syringe
  • (1) 18 ga. blunt syringe
  • 1 ml syringe insemination syringe
  • (1) 22 ga. blunt tip syringe
  • Assortment O-rings
  • Apis Engineering Accessory Kit
  • Apis Engineering High Capacity Syringe
  • Light Station
  • Apis Engineering Grafting Station
  • Apis Engineering Instrumental Insemination Syringe tips
  • CO 2 Cartridge