Larva Tranporter Incubator

The Grafting Cell-Bar-Frame Transporter & Queen Cell Incubator is two devices in one! It is primarily used to collect larvae frames for grafting from the apiary to your grafting location and it can be used to incubate capped queen cells.


  1. Grafting larvae can be transported easily for long distances without fear of them getting chilled or desiccating (all standard Langstroth grafting frames will fit)
  2. Temperature-controlled and user adjustable, this transporter eliminates the need to rush your damp towel covered frames to your grafting location.
  3. Carries 6 larvae frames.
  4. Plugs into your vehicle cigarette lighter
  5. Inexpensive 110v ac adapters are available to power the unit while not in your vehicle.
  6. Can be used to transport grafted cell bars to your starter/finisher colonies. Simply turn your cell bars upside down while transporting and reverse to the normal position at your starter/finisher location.
  7. Can be used to transport caged virgin/mated queens in cages and frame bars to your mating yard or nuc yard.
  8. Low cost – rugged design.
  • Larvae Transporter