Krispn Given is a honey bee researcher and bee breeder looking for solutions to reduce the negative impacts of Varroa Destructor. One solution is breeding for increased behavioral resistance.


“What we really need,” stated Krispn, “are more bee breeders who are seriously selecting for heritable traits. We have plenty of queen rearers. Sometimes the best bees are in our backyards — locally adapted bees we can use to select for high levels of certain desirable traits.”

One of the great challenges for breeders is controlled mating. Unless you have an isolated island of your own or are in an extremely isolated area, you will need to do instrumental insemination if you are going to control the drone side of genetics. Otherwise, you may have a great queen, but if she goes out and mates with drones carrying unknown genetics or alleles, any good traits she may have had to pass on to her progeny will be seriously diluted.

Krispn Given a honey bee breeder and researcher
Krispn Given Honey bee breeder and researcher